January 13, 2011


FRSAs are a BLESSING to a unit, but they are NOT FRG LEADERS. That's my opinion, anyway. The unit Commander is ultimately responsible for the support of his unit families, and the Family Readiness Group. The Family Readiness Support Assistant is part of the staff structure, helping to get the administrative work done, in support of these families. The FRSA works for the Commander, not the Commander's wife (although the Commander and his wife really can be a good team together).

Should FRSAs go to meetings? What role should they have at these meetings?

Does your unit FRSA do newsletters? Are they in control of the unit web site(s), moderating membership lists and information flow, as per the Commander's intent?

When a unit is deployed, it is ESSENTIAL for each FRG make sure their families' contact information is up-to-date (although this relies on families offering updates). The FRGs must keep this information flowing to the Rear Detachment Command (BN, BDE, whatever). The FRSA can help in making sure this information is coordinated and in a format usable by the Rear D.

Families can call the FRSA, if this person is approachable, and get information on needed resources. Does this mean the FRSA is usurping the role of the FRG Leader, or a link to Families who may not want someone else in the unit knowing their info?

Please add your input. I'll post more topics for discussion, too. Pass along the link to this blog. Let's get talking. Hooah!


Jessica said...

Although the thought that a FRSA is supportive to the FRG leaders in the Battalion, in my experience I find that it is one of 2 extremes: either the FRSA is completely overbearing and takes control over the FRG or they are not involved at all. I really wish the FRSA over our unit would be an active support, but our FRG runs completely fine without her in the picture. I enjoy working with the FAN (Family Assistance Network Coordinator) and her help is amazing, and not overbearing at all. I think the most important part of all of this is that whether you have a active FRSA or other state paid staff, as long as the families are getting the information and resources they need, all is well.

That is just my 2 cents. :)

Mary said...

Every group is run a little differently than another. I'm happy that you at least had your FAN. If I'm not mistaken, the unit Commander is the person who oversees the work of the FRSA, actually counsels and "rates" them. I would think the responsibility falls on the Commander to make sure the FRSA is doing their job appropriately.